Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well if you haven't noticed, it has been raining all day with some snow in the Salisbury area this morning.  The days high was around 45, but has decreased to 37 increasing the chance of snow.

Monday, January 16, 2012

16 January 2012, Delaware Gambling

Plans for expanded gambling venues in Delaware on hold?

A spokesman for Governor Jack Markell told reporters that he would postpone the gambling expansion for the rest of this year.   House Majority Leader Representative Pete Schwartzkopf, Democrat of Rehoboth Beach, said the measure is likely on hold for this session of the General Assembly.  In 2011 the bill to include two new casinos – including one in Sussex County never made it out of the committee.  The three casinos in Delaware are opposing the ideas of additional facilities.  They reported already struggling with the increase of competition from neighboring states. 
Republicans and Democrats both, have senators who feel casinos would benefit the state.  Sussex county residents have problems with one of the proposed location of the casino.  Locals have a problem with a casino in front Sussex Central High School in Georgetown.    Do we want students influenced by a casino at such a young age? 
Government and casino officials try to make Delawareans believe that the casinos will bring more jobs to Delaware.  But do the people that need jobs in Delaware know how to work at a casino.  People who know how to run tables for a casino will have to be brought to Delaware.  Only a few jobs will be open to the common person; janitorial positions, mostly, but some security positions, by those already trained. 
What do you think?  Will the construction of two new casinos benefit Delaware?

In national news, the six actors who have played the famous 007 British Secret Agent are set to celebrate a 50th anniversary in Hollywood.  Sean Connery first hit the screens as James Bond in the 1962 fill, “Dr. No.”  The party is scheduled to take place after the release of the newest Bond film, “Skyfall,” featuring Daniel Craig.  The party will also be including five decades of “Bond Girls.”
Tonight at 10/9c is a new episode of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS.  Don’t forget the start of a new season of White Collar at 10/9c on USA.
Tonight’s weather is suppose to get to a low of 22F with a 50% chance of rain after 10:00 pm, leading into tomorrow with a high of 60F and a 60% chance of rain.  Later on in the week there is a 30% chance of snow showers.

Friday, December 30, 2011


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